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Looking Forward to Having You Join Us!
Job Interview
But First Things First!

Please review our Sample Agent Sales Agreement and Policies & Procedures Manual

Now You're Ready to Invest in Your Future

Please pay your annual dues first, then submit your payment method for your monthly fees. Your card will not be charged for your monthly fees for the first month. 

STEP 1: Start Here and pay your annual dues to get started. Your fees may be waived next year based on your productivity.

Sales Team



Every year

(Waived based on Productivity)

Valid until canceled

STEP 2: Next, submit a credit/debit card for your monthy fees. Your card will not be charged for 30 days.

Team Members



Every month

Valid until canceled
30 day free trial

We're looking forward to you joining our team! Know that we are ALWAYS here for you.
Wanda Lapointe (828) 768-1291 and Jennifer Lanning (828) 768-0479
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