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Legacy Buyer Services

Our goal is to get you the best property possible for your budget, while making the Buying Process as smooth and timely as possible.

  1. We interview you and help you get clear on the goals for your new property.

  2. We provide guidance on working with a qualified lender for your particular needs.

  3. We educate you on the buying process and local market trends.

  4. We grant you direct access to our MLS client portal to search properties.

  5. We set you up to receive alerts for new listings that match your search criteria.

  6. We schedule property showings for you to preview properties of interest.

  7. We run comps and research properties you're interesting in submitting an offer. 

  8. We guide you in crafting your offer and we handle all the paperwork.

  9. We receive and review counteroffers with you and discuss a strategy.

  10. We negotiate counteroffers on your behalf and finalize all the paperwork.

  11. Once an offer is accepted, we assist you with scheduling inspections.

  12. We review inspection reports with you and negotiate repairs on your behalf.

  13. We walk you through the closing process with detailed checklists.

  14. We coordinate the closing process timing with the listing agent, attorneys and lender for a smooth and timely closing.

The pros and cons of dual agency.  Dual Agency is when you are interested in purchasing a property where we are representing the seller, we have to treat both parties equally. The pro is that you are not limited, you have access to all the properties available, regardless of which firm has the listing. The con is if we are already representing the seller, we must treat both parties equally, which means we can guide you as usually, we just can't negotiate on your behalf. 

What is Dual Agency?

Dual Agency is when you are interested in purchasing a property where the firm already represents the seller. In this situation, the firm must treat both parties equally. It means the Listing Agent and the Buyer Agent can perform all of there duties, but they cannot negotiate on your behalf. They can guide you, but you are decide what you want to do regarding purchase price and negotiating any repair work.

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