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Together We Can Go Farther
Job Interview

Help People  Make Money  Have Fun!

One of our greatest joys is nurturing, training and coaching agents.
If you're new to the industry, a new agent here in the mountains,
or wanting to sharpen your skills
, we're here for you!

Let's Do This...

Portrait of Smiling Businesswoman

We are committed to empowering agents to stop chasing deals and start creating a better business model, one that creates wealth and more prosperity for a better LIFE! Most agents are taught to sell real estate, but few are taught how to build a business and not live from paycheck to paycheck. We teach you how to build a real estate business with systems in place to help you help more people, make more money, and have more fun in life!


Our fees are straight forward, $65 per month and $250 a year to have you connected to our systems, E&O insurance and admin support. The annual fee is waived when an agent closes their first deal during the year. Commissions are based on experience. 

We Do Not Provide Leads ~ We Create Leaders

(Give an Agent a Lead and You've Given them a Job. Teach an Agent TO LEAD and You've Given them a LIFE!)

Yes, you may receive a lead from us from time-to-time, but we're not here to give you a "Job." 
Our goal is to teach and empower you to build a successful business.


  • Easy contacts database with unlimited tags and categories

  • Create and maintain your vendor list separate from contacts

  • Automatic drip campaigns and email marketing

  • Monthly Newsletter created for you to edit

  • Landing Pages and digital ads for social media

  • Beautiful Property Flyer templates for your sellers

  • Transaction Check Lists so you don't miss anything

  • Transaction Client Portals so clients are kept up to date

  • Daily Email Tasks List reminder for managing calls and emails

  • Personal Commission tracking and reports

  • Accounting portal to track income, expenses and mileage  

  • Education portal to track your contunuing education hours


  • Transaction management and compliance checks

  • Tech setup, training and ongoing support

  • Individualized training and success coaching

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