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The Selling Process

We're With You Every Step of the Way

STEP 1 - Property Valuation

The first step is to complete the Seller Information Form, so that we can do our homework and present you with a complete valuation of your property.  When we meet with you, we will have done our research and run comps to give you an idea of a pricing range to list. Once we decide on a list price, we will work out a "Net to Seller" sheet so you'll have a good idea of your net proceeds when sold.

STEP 2 - Decide Direction

Once you have a clear picture of your property's market value, you can decide to do "For Sale By Owner," work with a wholesale buyer, or hire us, a full service brokerage to get the most money for your property. Should we decide to work togehter, we will get the paperwork in order for your review, hire a professional photographer to take photos (at no cost to you), take property measurements, and install a lockbox and yard sign if appropriate for your community.

STEP 3 - Attract Buyers

When you hire us to market your property, this is where the fun begins. We upload all the photos to the MLS with all the details and craft a fabulous description of your property. We will create a webpage just for your listing, and then we bombard Google with your property. You will be able to Google your address and see that we have syndicated your home to all the major websites and firms locally and nationally. We send out flyers to all the buyer agents in our region, post ads to all the social media networks, and when appropriate, we will hold an open house to attract even more buyers.

STEP 4 - Offers & Negotiations

When offers come in, we will review them with you immediately and help you make an informed decision. We will present counter-offers on your behalf and negotiate like crazy to get you what you want. Once you accept an offer, the clock starts ticking as we move from contract to close.

STEP 5 - Inspections & Negotiations

Buyers will typically have a 30-45 day due diligence period. This is the time for them to have property inspections done. They will usually come back with an inspection report and a request for repairs. At this point, our negotiation skills come into play once again to arrive at the best deal possible.

STEP 6 - Closing the Deal

It's almost time to do your happy dance, but not yet. Deals have fallen apart at closing, usually because of a defect on the deed. You must hire a North Carolina real estate attorney to transfer title in this state. The buyers will also hire an attorney to preform a title search to make sure the property has a clean title. Once the title work is done, buyers will wire the funds needed to close the deal to the atrorney's office and sign the closing documents. Once the deed is recorded in the buyer's name (usually the same day), they get the keys and you get your check. Now do your HAPPY DANCE!!!

When You Hire Us, We're With You Every Step of the Way!

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