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Relocation Property Tours

By the Double Duty Girls Team

Looking to relocate? Come home to Asheville where southern hospitality is alive and well.


Let The Double Girls and their team take you on a private property tour of homes in the areas you're interested in exploring. 


We are real estate professionals hoping to win your business should you decide to make Asheville or one of the surrounding communities your home. And if you do buy, using our team as your agents, you will be fully reimbursed for your property tour. There has always been a need for paid property tours. Real estate agents are tired of the breakup conversation with potential buyers.


Here's how it goes. You, the buyer comes to town and want to learn more about the area, the housing market and the potential of making this your home. But, you're just exploring, you won't be ready until you retire in the next year or two. But in order to get a real estate agent to spend their time and their gas showing you around, you have to pretend you're ready sooner. You win them over with your charm and they really like you and want to help you make the big move. At the end of a long day of looking at properties you're neve going to buy, because you're not ready, you have to break up with this agent. So you say, but in a very nice way, don't call me, I'll call you. The breakup is painful for the agent. They just invested their time and money into you, shared their life story with you, listened to your life story. You've bonded and now you're breaking up with them. Realtors are used and taken for granted. Most buyers don't understand that Realtors are independent contractors and just because they may represent a large brokerage, does not mean they are employees. There is no salary, commission only. There are no benefits, and no gas allowance for showing buyers around town. Realtors pay franchise fees to their brokerage. They pay their own marketing fees, gas, auto repairs and everything else associated with being a Realtor. So when a potential buyer is not a serious buyer, taking up the agent's time and money, it's truly a slap in the face. But, most customers don't realize this is what's happening. 

To keep Realtors happy and customers honest, and guilt free, we offer a win-win for everyone. You, the customer can pay a for a Realtor's time and expertise and he/she will be more than happy to accommodate you, showing you around town and educating you on the market, and surrounding communities.

We offer two levels of service. The Property Tour, and Our Concierge Service. The Property Tour provides you with information on the various areas. Our Concierge Service is for those truly ready to buy. You may be relocating for work and need to find housing quickly. We're here for you. Not only do we show you all of the listings that fit your criteria, but before you arrive, we go out and preview properties for you, email you photos, set up a property tour for your visit to town, and pick you up at the airport. Most realtors only provide this type of personalized service to their high profile clientele.  Because we limit the number of clients we work with, we can provide this quality of service to every client we decide to take on.


With our concierge service, we serve up southern hospitality from the moment you arrive until your departure. Our services include:

  • Profile created for your desired home

  • Comprehensive search of ideal properties

  • Advance property previews by our team

  • Photos of good matches emailed to you before you arrive

  • Help with planning your visit: hotel reservations, and airport pickup

  • Pick up from hotel to tour selected properties


Our Concierge Service is $150 for the advanced ground work (property searches, advanced previews, property profiles with agent contact info emailed to you along with additional photos taken by our team when previewing a property for you. 


The Property Tours are $350 per day, visiting up to 8 properties within a 25 mile radius, spending up to 20-min at each location (bring your camera! It's a lot of fun!) We contact each listing agent and schedule a time to meet at each property. Times are scheduled in an order that saves time without having to backtrack across town, so we can make the most of the day. If you are new to Asheville, during the tour, we'll make sure to point out some of the highlights that make Asheville so special. If time permits, we will even grab a bite to eat at one of Asheville's award winning eateries.


When you hire us to be your guides and take you on the property tour, the fun begins when you arrive, we treat you like a king/queen. We won't have a limo, but we will be holding up a sign with your name on it when we meet you at the airport. We then whisk you away to a local restaurant for a bite to eat if you're hungry. We will confirm our agenda for the following day's property tour. After your meal, you will be taken to your hotel to get a good night's sleep for an early rise and shine breakfast at the hotel. We will swing by and gather you up on time to begin the day's tour.


When you hire the Double Duty Girls Team you're in great hands!

The Double Duty Girls are "Relocation Angels" and I highly recommend.  My friend and I were in Asheville for a brief visit and were struggling to find a way to best understand the real estate market and also learn about the area.  We found Wanda and Jennifer online and decided to try their paid service.  Thank goodness we did- they were professional, entertaining, and very helpful.  They arrived to pick us up at our hotel early and we were immediately comfortable with them.  They took us on a great tour of different properties in the area and told us about the area all along the tour.  Their knowledge of the area and passion for the area were clear.  And, we just had a great time!  After going above and beyond and giving us an extra hour on the tour, they dropped us back off at our hotel.  My friend and I were both very impressed and missed them after they dropped us off!  Not your typical experience with real estate agents, I dare say.  I highly recommend!

Carol Ross - Arizona

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