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Relocating to the Mountains

When my husband, Ron, retired from the Los Angeles City School District, we were in search for our forever home, away from the city. A national conference by our church was being held here in Asheville. We had heard a lot about this mountain community, but had never visited. We decided that attending the conference would also be a way to see Asheville.

The conference was held in May of 2011. Before the plane landed, I saw all the amazing beautiful trees and said to my husband, "this is where I want to live and die." He was surprised to he me say that. After all, I was born and raised in Los Angeles, and although I had done some extensive travelling abroad, I never thought in a million years, that I would want to live anywhere but Los Angeles.

We were so enchanted by Asheville, we actually skipped the conference and explored the city. The majestic beauty of the environment and the friendly people sold me. Attending the Friday night community Drum circle sold Ron. He officially retired the following month, in June of 2011. We moved to Asheville four months later in September. We loaded up 2 huge Pensky trucks, each carrying a car and moved to the Blue Ridge Mountains. Click here if you want the story of our road trip.

You've Got to Pack Differently for Cross-Country!

My best friend and business partner, Jennifer, decided to make the move with us. It was an amazing journey, filled with excitement, challenges and lots of unknowns. It all started with the folks who packed our trucks did not know how to pack a moving truck from a cross country move. The movers loaded the 2 trucks as best as they could. When they were done, a lot of items were still on the ground and they couldn't fit them onto the trucks. Forunately, Ms. Jennifer had worked years for UPS and knew how to pack a truck. She had them take everything out and gave them a lesson on packing.

Don't leave empty spaces. Make sure that weight is distributed evenly, make sure that the heavier items are located towards the cab and against the walls. Medium-heavy items should go on top of heavier items, and lighter items should go at the very top and towards the front of the truck.

If you are going to be towing a car, as we did. Have the folks that rent you the truck and tow, walk you through hitching up the trailer and taking the car off. Use your phone to video record the process - you will not remembe all the details.

Oil Tanks, Septics & Wells - Oh My!

Coming from a big city, I had never head of a septic tank. I had heard of well water, but oil tanks for heating! Trust me, you definitely want to work with an experienced local real estate professional when purchasing a house here in the mountains.

If you're relocating for work or lifestyle, let us be your guide. The mountains protect us from a lot of weather issues. It's never too hot and only snows lightly. We have four seasons which are amazing. People come from all across the nation during the Fall to watch the leaves change colors as Mother Nature displays her magic. Here's a little video about Asheville.

Moving, no matter how near or far, is one of the most stressful events of life. We here to help make finding your new home easier. Contact us when you're ready for the big move.

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